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Very soon we will launch our new project 3DBreed on Kickstarter: The Willing Of The Sleepers BETRAYAL.

What is it?

It is our 32mm modular miniatures collection for 3D printers in a fantasy setting that keeps the style of all 3DBreed creations. You will find aesthetic styles inspired by different periods and enviroment. As a result, our fantasy collection with many creative and artistic possibilities.

A collection that you can use to create your armies of games like Dragon Rampart, Song of blades of heroes or Saga: Age of magic.

The basic late pledge will cost € 40 with an early bird of € 35 for 24 hours that will include the following items.

We have also included a selection of Strecht goals, which will add new units, command groups and heroes to your pledge.

And for the first time we have created modular models, with a wide range of options so that you can assemble the models to your liking:

More information through our social networks.