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Sky Shards: The Arrival


In the year 2276 the greatest technological revolution of humanity takes place with the invention of the KAU Engine. Unlivable and hostile planets could be terraformed in few years with the use of this technology. The spirit of initial collaboration between the countries took shape in the transformation of the Moon into a new world with an oxygen-rich atmosphere and a fertile soil to cultivate. However, this engine required the use of such an amount of resources to work that, moving away from the initial collaboration, countries soon entered into armed conflicts for the control and extraction of these materials. Then the Great Conflict started, a worldwide nuclear war that would last almost forty years and also spread to the Moon and its colonies.

In 2350 the Earth is no longer that pale blue dot of the solar system, but a barren and dying planet. Four powerful factions are now the ones that govern the decimated world population and have managed to expand their presence to new points of the Solar System: RED STAR, UNITED SYSTEMS REPUBLIC, UNITY and SHOGUNATE.

In 2421, a rain of mysterious meteorites from beyond the Kuiper belt left the surfaces of all the planets riddled, from Mercury to Pluto. In a small percentage of impact craters few remains of an unknown substance were found. This substance proved to be the greatest source of energy ever discovered. This finding opened the doors to interstellar exploration and the colonization of new worlds beyond the Solar System, but their scarcity and difficulty of extraction caused, again, the outbreak of a new conflict between the four human factions. The substance was baptized as «Mana».

At present day, the year 2448, the Mana Wars have only just begun.


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