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Different collections where you will find packs or minis individual so you can choose according to your preferences or needs. Digital files for 3d printing with the that you will go through different eras of history, you will relive facts historical or you will recreate yourself in different literary genres.
WAR ELEPHANTS 3d printed miniatures

Ancient armies in 28mm and 15mm scales for 3D printing.

WW2 armies in 28mm and 15mm scales for 3D printing.

32mm Skirmish miniature game set in the American Revolutionary War, to print and play in your home 3d printer.

SPACE FLEET USR FLEET 3d printed space ship

6 mm scale 3D printable mech models for RPG games and Wargames.

Stamford Bridge EPIC BATTLES 3d miniatures

10 mm scale historical battles for 3D printing.


Multi part Fantasy models in 32mm scale for 3D printing, STL files, in the Willing of the Sleepers setting.


Models in 28mm (heroic scale) and 15 mm for 3D printing, STL files set in the medieval age.


An impressive Spaghetti Western collection. 32mm STL models for 3D printer.


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