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3D Pinting Artists for Games, Wargames and Collectibles

3D artists and game designers with extensive experience in digital sculpture and 3D modeling for board games, wargames, collectibles and 3D visualization.


In our online store you can find all our developments. There you can buy our digital files (one by one or packs), as you like. Our scale miniatures are about historical periods, literature, fantasy or cinema with a touch of our magic ! Our creative minds do never stop and are already looking to new horizons. In the future and in our web we will continuous working on and growing. Very soon you will discover the new adventure we are embarking on, we are sure you will love it!
Stay tuned so that you don’t miss out!… surprises will come along the way !!
We are grateful of having people like you. This makes our job more fulfiling.


As Game desginers our wirk is characterized by.

– Passion: our love for the games encourages us to always be thinking in new projects and the best way to carry them out.

– Print and play: we think that we are facing new times with the possibilities of 3D printing and it´s posiible to offer high quality models and digital rulebooks anda cards that our customers can easily print at home , avoiding the higher cost and problems of physical production and distribution.

– Free content: our rulebooks, scenario books stand-ups and cards for the games we design will be always free content that all of you can download and print at home.

– Online store:in 3d breed miniatures .STL online store you´ll be able to purchase any of our models printing file, and use them in our games or in any other game that you think that them could fit.