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German Army (Wehrmacht) INFANTRY PACK

(4 customer reviews)

22,50 Inc Vat*

German Army (Wehrmacht) INFANTRY PACK Downloadable digital files to print on 3D printers for the March to hell miniature range or any other scale-compatible game set in world war two (WW2).

This pack contains the following Stl files to print:

GER_NCO_A 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_NCO_B 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_A 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_B 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_C 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_D 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_E 3dbreed Miniatures

GER_RIFLEMAN_F 3dbreed Miniatures

GER HEADQUARTER 01 3dbreed Miniatures

GER HEADQUARTER 02 3dbreed Miniatures

GER SNIPER TEAM 3dbreed Miniatures

GER FLAME TRHOWER 3dbreed Miniatures

GER AT TEAM 3dbreed Miniatures

GER MG TEAM 3dbreed Miniatures

GER MORTAR TEAM 3dbreed Miniatures

PAK 40 CANNON 3dbreed Miniatures

PAK 36 CANNON 3dbreed Miniatures

The March to hell range of miniatures is a collection of magnificent WW2 army miniatures designed to be compatible in scales from 15mm to 32mm. All models come prepared to be printed in 15mm and 32mm (you can go down to 28mm reducing the 32mm models by 90/85% to make them compatible with other brands). All infantry models have the option of printing with or without round shape bases(presupported). Vehicles, guns and scenery are distributed without bases.

** We remind you that March to hell miniatures is for downloading digital files with 3D designs (STL) to make all these elements on your own 3D printer, such as Anycubic Photon or Ender 3. These are not physical models**

4 reviews for German Army (Wehrmacht) INFANTRY PACK

  1. Caleb (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this pack! I’ve printed around 45 infantry models for a Bolt Action army on a Creality Ender 3 V2 in the 28mm format and the results are great.

  2. tadikacilipadi (verified owner)

    File error after download.

  3. tadikacilipadi (verified owner)

    Great design and efficient help from the team.

    • 3dbreed

      Hi Tadika,

      We are grateful of having people like you supporting us. This makes our job more fulfilling.


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  4. William

    1st the models are outstanding quality; however, the vehicles are not supported and the scale of vehicles is off drastically. The 15mm scale is all over the place size wise with the Sdkfz 251 being as big as a Pzkfw 4 and a StuG III being larger than the Pzkfw 4.

    I have had to spend HOURS scouring through data for the vehicles to try and find proper scaling.

    At this point I don’t think the vehicles are worth the purchase.

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