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Welcome to our new 3d printing adventure!

March to Hell WW2: “Europe in flames”, a collection of 15mm/28mm scale WW2 armies, created to be printed at home in a resin printer such Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars, or FDM printers such as Ender or Prusa.

‘March to Hell: Europe in flames’ has just a pledge of 40€ and with it, you’ll get all the miniatures  of the basic set and all the stretch goals’ aditional content that we manage to unlock:


We will apply a 25% discount to several of our WW2 products in our online store! All the products we might sell for the duration of the campaign will be added to a ‘spoils of war counter’ that will be updated once a day. The figure of the ‘spoils of war marker’ will be added to the Kickstarter collection to unlock Stretch Goals.

Thanks for your support!