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JOD WW2 GERMAN ENGEENERS range of miniatures is a collection of miniatures set in the WW2, 28mm scale, compatible with games like Bolt Action or Chain of Command

** We remind you that THIS KICKSTARTER ONLY OFFERS DIGITAL FILES (STL's) READY TO PRINT ON YOUR OWN 3D PRINTER (Anycubic, Elegoo, Ender, Prusa...). These are not physical models **


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JOD WW2 GERMAN ENGEENERS  All the models, miniatures and terrain of this campaign are scaled to 28mm. The miniatures are provided without bases.

Some terrain, vehicles and war machines have been designed in pieces to allow an easy printing and removal process of the supports. They are ideal to be adapted to any Wargames in WW2 setting, like Bolt Action or Chain of Command for example.

*Infantry are supplied with supports, war machines and terrain are supplied without supports.
This pack contains the following Stl files to print:
GER_ENGINEER_01 3dbreed Miniatures
GER_ENGINEER_02 3dbreed Miniatures
GER_ENGINEER_03 3dbreed Miniatures
GER_ENGINEER_04 3dbreed Miniatures
GER_ENGINEER_05 3dbreed Miniatures
GER_ENGINEER_06 3dbreed Miniatures