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Hi everyone!!

We hope you are keeping yourselves and your loved ones healthy and safe. We are back to announce that Germania is finished and you’ll find all the new content with the rest of the content released so far (Imperial romans and british celts).

So, lets begin with the new content. First of all, the auxiliary legionaries with spears and swords to complete your roman army. We’ve also added the medicus, his assistant and a supply wagon that you can use for some skirmishes. The supply wagon has also four independent cargo models (1 barrel, 1 bag, 2 different chests) so you can add variety to their appearance.

And now, the Germanic warriors! 

New terrain added

Well, this is it for now! We hope you like the new content and we hope you post a lot of images of these new units in the March to Hell facebook group! Join the amazing community that grows every day. We love to see your paintings, dioramas and hobby skills 😀


Thank you so much for your patience. Time to work on the next content THE GAMES! We wish you all the best,

3DBreed Miniatures