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3D artists and game designers with extensive experience in digital sculpture and 3D modeling for board games, wargames, collectibles and 3D visualization.

When we work for a client, we base our work on the following maxims:

– Discretion: if we are working for a client, we never publish any type of content about the work if we don’t have the express permission.

– Commitment: we seek, above all, the best quality, seriousness with our customers and the scrupulous fulfillment of the agreed delivery times.

– Flexibility: when calculating budgets, we are always open to negotiate costs with our customers so that both of us are satisfied. We also make special discounts for lots of a certain amount of sculptures.

As game designers our work is characterized by:

– Passion: our love for the games encourages us to always be thinking in new projects and the best way to carry them out.

– Print and play: we think that we are facing new times with the possibilities of 3D printing and it’s possible to offer high quality models and digital rulebooks and cards that our customers can easily print at home, avoiding the higher costs and problems of physical production and distribution.

– Free content: our rulebooks, scenario books stand-ups and cards for the games we design will be always free content that all of you can download and print at home.

– Online store : in 3d breed miniatures .STL online store you’ll be able to purchase any of our models’ printing file, and use them in our games or in any other game that you think that them could fit.3d breed miniatures certified partner logo

Join 3d Breed Certified Partner Program

With this license you’ll be able to sell 3D printed copies of any of our models that you’ve already bought by participating in one of our crowdfunding campaigns or by purchasing them in our online store.

The commercial license has a cost of €200.

– This license is valid for 365 days from its acquisition and can be renewed for another 365 days at the end. In case of acquiring the license through kickstarter the 365 days period will start counting from the day that the first rewards are delivered (2-4 weeks after the end of the campaign).

– You’ll receive a receipt to verify that you are a holder of said license where you’ll see the dates of the period covered. 

We want to create a public list of ‘Official Suppliers’ on our website for all those sellers with one of our licenses who want to appear on it (if you want to appear in this public list please contact us at Buyers will be able to view the following information:

Seller’s Country

Your seller’s profile (in case you didn’t wanted to add your seller profile it will appear the contact email address that you have indicated, so that buyers can contact you).

You can stop appearing in this list of ‘Official Suppliers’ at any time you want, just by contacting us through . Of course, you’ll keep the right to sell the 3D printed copies if your license is active even though you are no more in the list.

We wont be using your data for any other operation aside of these described. We wont be selling your data to any other company or to make any other business with them.

License restrictions:

– We keep for ourselves the right to make new models in the future that wont be included in the commercial license, but this will be notified clearly in each model before its release.

You may not sell the digital files of our products or any other file modified by you. You can’t sell the original digital files of our models nor those modified by you using our files. The modifications that you may create from our models are only for private and personal use.

– Any type of mass production with molds or castings in metal or other materials aren’t allowed. You can only sell 3D printed copies of our models.

If any of these rules is violated, the license will be revoked and you’ll lose the right to sell our copies in a legal way.

– 3Dbreed is not responsible for the actions, deliveries, prices and any other decisions that commercially licensed vendors may carry out or for any issues arising from their business.

We are at your disposal for any other anwer you might have about the commercial licenses. You can also contact with us at