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3D printable miniatures models

4,00 Inc Vat*

1175 Join or Die is a 32mm Skirmish miniature game set in the American Revolutionary War, to print and play in your home 3d printer.

In 1775 the American War of Independence broke out, a war that confronted the Continental Patriots and the troops loyal to the British Crown, which wanted to prevent the Thirteen American Colonies from achieving the independence.
1775 Join or Die is a fantasy game in which the players create fighting squads made up of members coming from different backgrounds and conditions, confronting them in combat, espionage operations, sabotage, assassination, kidnapping and thievery.
Defeat is not an option, it?s time to fight and no one can stay aside.
?Join or die!

** We remind you that LOYALIST SOLDIERS is for downloading digital files with 3D designs (STL) to make all these elements on your own 3D printer, such as Anycubic Photon or Ender 3. These are not physical models**


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3D printable miniatures models”

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Downloadable digital files to print on 3D printers for the ?Join or Die? game or any other scale-compatible game set in the American Revolutionary War.

This pack contains the following Stl files to print:

  • Loyalist soldier A
  • Loyalist soldier B